Kyle LowderGrowing up, I was surrounded by powerful women who were thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and trail-blazers. One specifically was my mom, Heidi Ganahl – founder of Camp Bow Wow, the world’s largest pet-care franchise.

But when it came time to go off on my own, I was determined to pave my own path. During my time at the University of Oregon, I did everything I could to grow, learn and lead. I dove deep into my education, taking extra classes and joining clubs to further my knowledge. I led the largest sorority on campus as President, which then led me to become Panhellenic President and a leader of the FSL community. But something was missing.

As everyone around me was deciding where they would move or what job they would take, I was discouraged. Even after 45 informational interviews, I was feeling like I would never find the perfect match. A week later, I got a call from a recruiter and solidified a position in Portland, OR in IT staffing. After a year with the company, even though I was on the path to success, I was still feeling like there was something more for me – I was craving passion and purpose.

Enter SHEFACTOR™ – a brand my mom and I built together that inspires young women to live life with greater authenticity, empowerment, and joy. And it’s changed everything for me – I’ve learned so much about myself and pushed myself harder than I knew possible. I’ve identified what makes me tick, what I value, and how to be the best version of myself. But how could my journey have been different if I had a roadmap to help me realize my full potential sooner?

There’s more pressure than ever for young women to succeed in their career, but no focus on a holistic approach to balancing everything in their lives, to feeling fulfilled. By giving women the tools, mentorship, community, and empowerment to succeed, SHEFACTOR™ is helping women become confident, successful leaders of their lives and create the life they love – their “Journey to She”.

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