Kyle LowderKevin Blake Weldon is a Nashville Country Music Recording artist, professional Mindset coach and 30 year veteran in the network marketing industry. As a recording artist, Kevin has 8 albums to his credit, 7 music videos, 2 top 40 hits and a #1 in Europe. To date His music videos have been viewed over 30 million times and his latest album, “Jeans”, was released this summer.

As a professional mindset coach, Kevin is certified with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and is a graduate of the prestigious PGI Matrixx program. Actively studying advanced mindset under Bob Proctor in Bob’s Inner Circle, Kevin has completed the Lead The Field program and is certified in the Thinking Into Results program as well. Kevin is also the co-founder of Sea Clearly Now, a professional mindset consulting business with his fiancee, Natalie Bouchard, former #3 in the world in women’s fitness bodybuilding.

In his Network Marketing career Kevin has risen to the top 3 income earners with 3 different companies and the #1 earner with his last company. With a true servant leader’s heart, Kevin has built personal downlines of over 550,000 while hosting in excess of 1000 training calls, zoom webinars and promotional videos. He was heavily involved in field development and served on several advisory boards and business development committees.

Kevin is a proud father of 2 amazing daughters who served 4 years in the USMC and when not on the road, spends his time between his hometown in east Texas, Nashville and Airdrie, Alberta.

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