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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019 in Los Angeles


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In a single day, learn the ENTIRE strategy behind how rich people invest & how rich people THINK... and apply the very same action steps ASAP.


These Money Superstars to the mega-wealthy are providing the Game Changing Secrets + Absolutely Illogical Action Steps that YOU can take and easily implement in your life so that you’re living rich TODAY while building your wealthy retirement for tomorrow.

Decide what you want your nest egg to really be.
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Los Angeles

LAX Hilton Saturday, Dec 1st 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Wealth Building Strategies of the Ultra Rich … for Anybody


Robert Pascuzzi, AIF

Partner of Creative Planning TPA, and the Director of Corporate Retirement Plans at Creative Planning – overseeing 1,000 corporate sponsored retirement plans with more than 100,000 plan participants and approximately $2.5 Billion in assets under management (as of quarter end June 2018).

Best-selling Author of the book, Get Tough, Retire Rich

The shorter path to retiring rich – regardless of your age or where you currently are in life with your retirement

Peter Mallouk J.D., MBA, CFP

Peter is the President and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Creative Planning, which manages 37 billion in assets. Peter is the only advisor in America ever named the #1 advisor by Barron’s 3 years in a row.


How the economy works + Understand simple and complex investment vehicles + Determine how to design an appropriate portfolio for you.

John McGraw

Former NFL Player
Founder, Vision Pursue Performance Mindset Training
“Performance Mindset: From Gridiron to Daily Life” How can the mental training employed by the world’s top athletes help you decrease stress in your everyday life while increasing focus, engagement and resilience? Renowned for his top-tier performance as a professional athlete, Jon McGraw shares the real depths of “performance mindset.”

Anders Hansen

Master Illusionist, Las Vegas
Anders has produced and performed illusion shows on television and cruise ships around the world for more than 20 years. He bridges personal development and the art of illusion through his keynotes and “Real Magic LIVE” events as a vehicle to bring the concepts to life in an educational, engaging and entertaining way.


How to overcome your self-limiting illusions so you can achieve time-money freedom and other “impossibilities.”

Scott Duffy


Named Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Entrepreneur & Forbes magazines

Get in on YOUR 1-Day Process to Living Rich Today & Retiring Wealthy Tomorrow!


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