speakingRobert speaking at a Bob Proctor seminar – The Paradigm Shift in Los Angeles

After 14 years of managing billions of dollars for corporate-sponsored retirement plans across America, Robert Pascuzzi is adding a new job responsibility to his resumé:

Through speaking and training, Robert Pascuzzi’s is helping thousands of people realize that they’re worth millions.
And, then, he’s teaching them how to make this a reality.

Growing your personal wealth … living “rich” … retiring wealthy … it’s all just a mind game. (Seriously!) Robert Pascuzzi teaches you how to first master the biggest wealth hurdle of all (your mind), and then provides the 3-Step Process that immediately sets you on your path to “spiraling up” the wealth ladder of your design.

What Do You Want?

  • Quickly earn higher commissions
  • Gain the financial independence you’ve dreamed of
  • Create more rewarding client relationships
  • Learn easier and effective sale closes (every time)
  • Lead a larger number of consistently producing salespeople
  • Achieve higher client retention
  • Walk a step-by-step path to creating greater wealth
  • Get in on the top secrets to retiring wealthy
  • Or … finally discover the ONE guarantee for success.

From decades of study, practice and experience, Robert Pascuzzi delivers powerful principles and transformational tools to both individuals and groups.

Contact Robert Pascuzzi direct for:

  • Keynotes (1 hour – 1.30 hours)
  • Half Day Seminar (2.5 hours – 4.0 hours)
  • Full Day Event (6.0 – 7.5 hours)
  • Personal, One-On-One Coaching (3-month and 6-month plans)
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